Our Style

We are madly in love with adventure and the great outdoors, and we have a passion for capturing our moments together in beautiful outdoor settings. We do not automate our editing process by applying the same filters to all of our photos and we do all of the editing ourselves. Each photo is hand-calibrated to look magical & dreamy, but also real. We strive not to simply take photos of your special occasion, but rather to tell your story.

We only photograph one wedding a month so that we can dedicate time and provide meticulous attention to detail for our clients.


Larry & Sophie Proposal in White Mountains
Kayleigh & Dan Maine Proposal
Sarah & Mike - Mine Falls Engagement
Claire and Jeff Engagement at Plum Island
Kaleigh & Dan Maine Proposal
Kaleigh & Dan - Maine Engagement
Larry & Sophie White Mountains Proposal
Sarah & Mike - Mine Falls Engagement
Kayleigh & Dan, Maine Engagement Shoot
Sarah & Mike - Mine Falls Engagement
Claire & Jeff - Newburyport Engagement Shoot
Larry & Sophie White Mountains Proposal
Sarah & Mike - Mines Falls Engagement Shoot
Kayla & Tyler
Kayla & Tyler
Claire & Jeff

See more of our work and read our stories on our Blog. You may also contact us for a full sample gallery.

Our Gear

We shoot on state-of-the-art Nikon D850 Full Frame camera in order to provide our clients with the highest resolution images possible. See a full resolution image on Google Drive.

Style Variants

Our personal photography style can be described as high-contrast bright & airy. We strive to maintain “realness” in all of our photos. However, we understand that every one of our clients has a unique style. In addition to our classic styling, we offer alternatives upon request.



In our flagship editing style, natural color palette is king. The perfect balance of exposure and contrast balances natural landscapes and skin tone. Great for any occasion.

Light & Airy Editing Style

Light & Airy

Similar to our classic editing style, Light & Airy tones down the background colors, bringing more focus on the subject. Great for beach shoots & mountain scenes.

High Contrast Editing Style

High Contrast

More color in everything. Great for summer weddings, garden weddings, and sunny days.

Moody Editing Style


Desaturated backgrounds give your photos are more wintry, chilly feel. For those who love cold mountain climates and rainy weather.