The Guide to Announcing Your Elopement

Congratulations! You’re getting married to the love of your life. People have different reasons for eloping. Whether it is starting married life off debt-free or simply wanting the day to be about the love you share with your significant other, it is a decision a couple is faced with after saying “yes”.

We eloped on September 1 of this year and it was hard to say no to our loved ones who still wanted to be there for us on the most important day of our lives. In order to protect feelings and let everyone know of our plans we came up with a few simple ways to break the exciting news.

1) Create a website

Wedding websites don’t have to be for couples having big weddings. With countless easy-to-use tools available these days, it’s easy to create your very own wedding page. Whether you are going through a site such as Zola for a freebie or opting to create your own domain name, the options are limitless. On your website you can explain why eloping is so important to you so there are no hard feelings to those you don’t invite. You can even feature those special engagement photos on it. Engagement photos aren’t just for wedding invitations!

2) Tell your nearest and dearest or invite them

Even if you are eloping it is okay to invite a few of your best friends and closest family members. We did, and it made the day even more special. Dream of it just being the two of you and keeping it a secret till after? At least tell your parents and/or best friends. Most parents dream of seeing their children married, so telling them of your intentions will help them understand before you tie the knot. They raised you, if they aren’t invited they at least deserve to know.

3) Send a card

You did it, you eloped! Sending a card to all of your family and friends you would have invited to a wedding will give them a special keepsake. It will also communicate to them that you love and care. Don’t just post on social media, go the extra mile and send a little love. There are so many options on websites such as Zazzle or Shutterfly to customize with your favorite elopement photos.

4) Celebrate

Who said you can’t party a little with those who matter most? We are choosing to hold a small low-cost reception for family and friends at our home. Nope, we’re not spending thousands of dollars, just making some delicious food and kicking back with 30 of our favorite people. You can rent space in a local restaurant, rent a community event space, or if you want you can even go big with a full wedding reception space. Brides, this is also an excuse to wear your dress again!

Kayleigh & Dan - Maine Coast Proposal