Anton in Wilton, NH


In my day job, I’m a passionate software developer. When I am not coding, I am a photographer, yogi, world-traveler and and avid outdoor sports enthusiast. I love gardening and have a house full of succulents.

I believe in kindness and positivity and I aspire to live to inspire others. 

My photographic mission is to capture special moments in outdoor and adventure settings with the people that matter most. I believe that nature brings out the best in people.



I can best be described as a girly girl with a love for adventure. Hiking boots are my footwear of choice and pretty dresses make me smile. My favorite things include cats, DIY projects, cheese, and rock climbing. Nothing gets me more excited than playing in the snow. I have a written bucket list which always has items added and crossed off.

I’ve had a passion for stories for as long as I can remember. Fairy tales were always my favorites. They always seem to combine the elements of life I love most; nature, romance, and far away places. I am most inspired by those I love, Anton inspired me to learn photography. Through photography, I don’t want to capture a story, I want to tell it.